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Will I Be Safe At Braces And Smiles For A Dental Appointment?

Patient safety is our biggest priority. We, at Braces and Smiles dental clinic, are dedicated towards ensuring that patients have no risk when they come for their appointments.
Braces and Smiles has always maintained high levels of sterilization and disinfection protocols. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been very proactive in adapting to the changes as directed by the various governing dental bodies to ensure our patient’s safety. In this article we would like to run you through the various safety measures and precautions that we have adapted in our practice – to keep our patients safe – absolutely safe!


    We will be attending to only those patients who have taken a prior appointment. No walk-in patients will be allowed in the clinic. We will also be spacing our appointments to avoid patients overlapping and crowding in the waiting area.We are following One patient at a time and zero waiting policy in the clinic.


    Keeping the air free of viruses is a challenge at most indoor places. We have taken a novel approach to tackling this problem – a combination of natural cross ventilation and hyper-active air purification systems. Research has shown that both methods are extremely effective in their own ways, when applied practically.
    At the Reception: We have kept the windows open and the AC will be turned off to have natural cross ventilation in the waiting area.

    Clinical area: To purify the air in the operatory in between patients, we have installed premium HEPA 14 filters to filter out 99.9% of the microorganisms from entire room every 6 minutes! This is following the recommendations given by the CDC for operation theatres in top level tertiary care hospitals.
    We also open the windows for natural ventilation in between patients and space out our appointments to ensure enough time is given for this safety measure.


    This safety measure is the cornerstone for all medical and clinical areas.
    All the commonly touched surfaces of the dental chair unit, the light handles, and chair handles are protected by covering them with a barrier film which is changed after each patient. There is no chance of cross contamination with this technique.
    Our staff members are regularly mopping the floor and sanitizing the chairs and other surfaces with quaternary ammonium compound disinfectant and isopropyl alcohol-based disinfectants as suggested by the EPA guidelines – in the waiting area and the dental operatorries.


    We have set up a protocol to ensure the safety of our patients. We insist all our patients to compulsorily wear masks, carry minimal or no belongings to the clinic and preferably come alone for the treatment. Temperature and oxygen saturation check, disposable patient protective equipment, no-touch hand sanitization booth, pre-procedural rinse and disposable patient drapes are the other safety measures that we are following in our dental clinic. If you are keen on reading in detail about the most essential safety tips for any patient to keep in mind during their visit to a dentist during COVID-19 times, please read our blog 10 Not to be missed safety tips at the dentist during covid-19.


    A patient’s movement into the clinic, within the clinic and while exiting the clinic is done in a way that that they will not be needed to touch anything with their bare hands, except their own personal belongings. They are helped by the staff for everything possible from opening the doors to even keeping their personal belongings safely in a packet.
    We have removed all magazines and newspapers from our waiting area to avoid cross contamination by touch.


    We have designated seats in the reception keeping in mind the 6 feet social distancing safety measure.
    We have clearly demarcated the reception area with a line beyond which patients are not allowed to walk through to maintain social distancing at all times with our receptionist.


    We have a separate sterilization zone to clean, sanitise and sterilize all our instruments and equipment. All our instruments are sterilized and packed in separate pouches and opened only at the time of use for each patient. This helps to prevent any cross contamination.


    All our doctors, dental assistants and receptionist will be wearing medical grade, high quality personal protective equipment. PPE will include advanced respirators, mask, face shield, goggles, gloves, gowns, scrubs, and coveralls to completely cover them from top to bottom. This is an important measure to ensure the safety of our patients and doctors & staff members as it prevents the chances of cross contamination and spread of infection.


    We have converted one of our clinical operatories into a donning and doffing area for all our doctors and assistants where they wear and remove their PPE. This safety measure ensures the prevention of transmission of any virus particles in other areas of the clinic.


    All modes of digital payment are accepted at the clinic to make it contactless and easier for our patients.

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A very warm welcome back to all our lovely and dear patients. We would like to extend our gratitude to each one of you for all your patience in waiting for our clinic to resume operations amidst this crisis.

To ensure the safety of our patients and our staff members, there are 10 simple steps that we would like all our patients to follow when they come for their dental visit during this COVID times.


  1. Book an appointment & Fill the online declaration form: All patients at Braces & Smiles are requested to take appointments over the phone. We will not be allowing any walk-in patients to enter the clinic premises.
    To ensure that all patients coming to the clinic are healthy and free of any symptoms, we will be asking you to fill out an
    online declaration form (hyperlink to the form). Let us know in advance if you or any of your family members have had any Covid19 symptoms in the last 14 days like fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, etc. If yes, then we request you to delay your dental visit. Braces & Smiles has made a form online, so patients need not touch pens to sign these forms in the clinic.
  2. Come with minimal belongings, but with a fresh mask: We would advise you to not carry any belongings to the clinic. If you happen to get any, we would be giving you a self-seal bag at the reception to deposit your belongings. Loose personal belongings are not permitted inside the operatory. Please make sure that you are wearing a mask when you come to the clinic.
  3. Brush your teeth and use the washroom at home before leaving for the clinicGuidelines by global health associations recommend that its best to avoid the use of toilets outside your home to prevent cross-infection. At Braces & Smiles, we sanitize the washrooms after use. However, it is always safer to use the washroom at home, so that one can avoid using the toilet in the clinic.
  4. Arrive on time, call us and wait in your car: Once you reach near the clinic, please call the clinic and inform us about your arrival. Kindly wait in your car. The receptionist will give you a call when the clinic is ready to receive you. This will ensure that we do not have any other patients sitting in the reception. Arriving on time is essential to avoid a crossover with other patients.
  5. Come alone into the clinic: All patients are requested to come alone into the clinic. If you have an accompanying person along, he or she will have to wait down or in the vehicle. In the case of children or a patient with special needs, one person may accompany the patient when they come to the clinic. We encourage the parents to let the child come alone in the clinic and the parent can wait in the vehicle. If the parent comes to the clinic, then they will be made to wait in the reception. No parents or guardian will be allowed inside the operatory with the kids.       
    (AT THE CLINIC)                                         
  6.  Avoid touching any surface: Once you reach the clinic, do not open the door or push it with your hands. Please wait and let the clinic staff open the door for you. Our receptionist will check your temperature and oxygen saturation to make sure you are fine. Our dental assistant will then escort you to the operatory. Please make sure you do not touch anywhere in the clinic.
  7.  Use the mouthwash on doctor’s instructions: Once seated on the dental chair, you will be asked to remove your mask and rinse your mouth with a special mouth rinse for 1 minute, before we check your teeth. Do NOT spit or rinse during or after the procedure.
  8. First sanitize then re-mask, after the procedure: Once you are done with the procedure, please sanitize your hands with the alcohol-based sanitizer. Please wear your mask again. 
  9.  Digital Payments: We would encourage all patients to make contactless digital payments. Cash or card is not the best option for payments in these times. Please collect your belongings and sanitize your hands once again before leaving the clinic. Our staff will open the door for you to leave the clinic.
  10. Monitor yourself for the next few days If you start feeling sick, with any of the symptoms of Covid19 within 14 days of your appointment, please make sure to call us and inform us about the same. There are chances that you could have been already carrying the virus at the time of your appointment, so anyone who came in contact with you on that day could be at risk too. This way you could make us alert and help us in preventing the further spread of the virus.We hope that after reading this, a lot of your questions are answered. We can assure you that if you follow these simple steps, you will be safe and healthy.Click here to book your appointment. See you soon.