ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT can be divided into following phases:

  • Record taking which includes Study models, Photographs and X-rays.

  • Fixing up braces and teeth extractions (When Indicated). This is done after all the recommended dental problems are managed which includes Dental Fillings, Root canals, Capping and Cleaning of teeth.

  • Alignment of teeth

  • Correction phase of single jaw problems, two jaw problems and space closure.

  • Finishing Phase which includes creating a beautiful smile, positioning the teeth perfectly and improving facial aesthetics.

  • Retention which helps us to retain the perfect results achieved for life.

  • Follow ups

BRACES AND SMILES recommends periodic follow up post retention phase at least once a year to help us maintain result for life.

Nasoalveolar molding
Braces & Smiles kandivali branch under guidance of Dr. Gajanan Shanbhag offers Nasoalveolar molding (NAM) treatment for babies with cleft lip & palate (CLP).