Course Of Treatment

Did you know adults could have braces too?

Yes! At Braces And Smiles, we go that extra mile to give adults a stunning smile through braces, especially suited for adults, using techniques and skills improvised over years to provide gentle, painless and comfortable treatment.

As long as your gums are healthy, age is no bar for braces. We have regularly treated adults at 50 years as well.

Also flexible appointment schedules and simplicity in treatment planning eases out treatment for the doctor as well as the individual. Keeping in mind the need for better aesthetics and shorter treatment durations for adults we have come up with a variety of options for you to pick from, which in turn could improve your professional as well as your personal life.

Kindly reach us to know more and get that smile you have always dreamed of because we, believe that “Life is too short to not be able to walk into a room and just have a beautiful, healthy, happy smile that makes you feel good about yourself.”