“You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth. And this was the main reason for my sad smile in the past. I always wanted to smile at people such that people smile back at me n not laugh at me, and thanks to Braces And Smiles for helping me make that possible. Appropriate treatment, care, understanding, and above all patience it is a complete package for dental treatment. Thank you Braces And Smiles for gifting me this beautiful smile.”
Mayuri Meher
Mayuri Meher


“Thank you Braces And Smiles for the special care they have taken of my family over the past few months. Their perfect diagnosis, gentle treatment and pleasant attitude has resulted in my daughters being very happy to undergo the treatment they need. This is something that we have not seen in the past, they were always afraid to go to “the Dentist”. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends and business associates.”
Vikram Mathur
Director of Great Western India Private Limited


“Me and my family has used Braces & Smiles dental services for four years now, Our two kids have braces and were given excellent care from the dentist. The care I have received is comparable to American Dentistry. I also received a root canal and ceramic crown and it was finished nicely. I would recommend Braces & Smiles to any local or foreign friends.”
Wint Fox


“I strongly recommend Braces & Smiles to anyone with an ugly smile and a fear of dentists. 🙂 I had an irregular denture with a protrusion in one of my upper front teeth. It not only made me look like a wicked witch but was also causing sensitivity and attrition in my lower teeth. I met many dentists of fame and acclaim. They suggested braces and removal of four of my teeth to correct the problem. I finally got removable braces but quit after six months as there was not even a faint hint of improvement. In 2010, I landed up at Braces & Smiles clinic at Boisar, pushing myself to try my luck one last time. Braces & Smiles adopted a fresh approach to correct the problem, based on the specific and unique denture of my teeth. While all other dentists had recommended removal of four teeth and use of cumbersome and removable braces, he adopted a line of treatment that corrected my denture while removing only one tooth. The approach has worked wonders. It has given me a confident and beautiful smile and the sensitivity in my lower teeth has also gone. I had always been afraid of the frightening, grinding sound of dental instruments and the jaw numbing pain characteristic of sessions with dentists, since my childhood. However, sessions at Braces & Smiles have helped me overcome the fear of dentists! Doctors were very sensitive and attentive throughout the treatment. Office of Braces and Smiles was always prompt and flexible in fixing convenient appointments. Last but not the least, Doctor’s cheerful and welcoming demeanor despite the countless skeptical questions that I used to heap on him, made the treatment process enjoyable and fun.”
Scientific Officer Nuclear Power Corporation of India


“Thank you Braces & Smiles for the pleasant experience I encountered during the process of orthodontic treatment of my 8 year old son. His experiences had left him feeling extremely nervous at the prospect of undergoing treatment, and hence he was not looking forward to the appointments. Being his mother, naturally I was very worried. My worries were totally unfounded as the staff were very supportive and the treatment was very gentle and pain free. You turned an extensive and much feared procedure into a surprisingly easy one. Everyone there was warm, comforting and reassuring. I was kept fully informed throughout and made to feel a valued patient and the results of my treatment have exceeded my expectations. In addition, the quality of work was excellent and I would gladly return in the future for all his treatments. Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and excellent treatment! You’re an absolute credit to your profession and he is so happy to be your patient! In-fact he now keenly looks forward to his dental appointments! I am just writing to say thank you so much for allowing him to smile again. I only wish I had come to you sooner! I would not hesitate to recommend your practice. Once again many thanks. Extremely satisfied mother of a smiling patient”
Mridu Agarwal


“I am Shazia a patient of Braces & Smiles for over a year now. Must say that Doctor’s here are an excellent doctors and caring too. They laid all my apprehensions about putting on braces to rest. Thanks to Braces & Smiles I am now confident about my smile and more importantly. I am confident in myself. It’s a new me that they have created thanks to their staff for all the support. Wish them All the Best! Braces can definitely do wonders to your personality.”


“My experience with Braces & Smiles has been great! My smile and confidence have both been transformed and the journey has been well worth it. They were really flexible with my schedule and were accommodating when it came to fixing appointments. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get braces! I couldn’t have asked for a better Dentist! Thanks Braces & Smiles!”
Suphia Mahmood,
Finance Professional
Suphia Mahmood


“I would like to formally thank you for the treatment this past one year and the final outcome. I can now smile without being self-conscious. I found your approach extremely meticulous and professional. I would like to specially thank you for being cooperative in scheduling last minute appointments and also accommodating last minute requests. I wish you all the best for the practice and to the clinic.”
Thanks and Regards,
Shruti Bajpai


“Thanks for the new appearance of myself. Will remember you always “Pravalika Ratan” You changed a life!! Mine and my darling’s.”
Mr. Ratan KK
Director GUTSGO