Braces & Smiles™ is India’s first chain of super specialty orthodontic clinics that offers state-of-the-art treatment for SMILE DESIGNING using braces. Currently, this orthodontic network has three branches across Mumbai at Juhu, Kandivali & Nerul. Braces & Smiles™ offers all types of braces like Invisible (Incognito™ / Lingual) braces, Ceramic (Tooth Colored) braces, Self ligating (SPEED™ & Damon™) braces, Clear Aligners & Metal braces.


The chief orthodontists of Braces & Smiles™ are three dynamic orthodontists, all of whom have received certified training abroad. This is one of the reasons that Braces & Smiles™ is one of the few clinics that specialize in offering treatment with braces not only to young children, but also to adults. The high skill and best quality of braces ensures that the orthodontic treatment is quick and comfortable. Most patients at Braces & Smiles™ do not complain of pain during the treatment procedure. At Braces & Smiles™ we have some special techniques for making the treatment faster than normal.


Braces & Smiles™ has created the Individualized Multi-Perspective Precise And Comprehensive Treatment (IMPACT™), where the patients’ well being and interest is most important. We follow IMPACT™ to ensure that we can deliver the best treatment results, in the minimum time possible, making sure that the patients are most comfortable and satisfied with the treatment outcome. With IMPACT™, we interact with patients and come up with a treatment plan that would best suit their needs. For complex cases, we have the world most advanced orthodontic imaging software that can predict how the patient would look after the treatment.


At Braces & Smiles™ patients have a unique experience, with personal attention from the orthodontist. We make sure that patients go back with a smile on their face…a beautiful smile!



  • The entire Braces And Smiles team is made up of Highly qualified Orthodontists with additional specialized training in latest advancements in orthodontics to support our patients.
  • At Braces And Smiles we incorporate the best available and proven technology and software to enhance the orthodontic treatment reliability and experience. We chose the best available materials supplied by globally renowned orthodontic manufacturers like Forestadent (Germany), American Orthodontics (USA).
  • Our aim is to always provide the best possible option and strive for excellence in every step we take.
  • Braces & Smiles is the only provider of customise braces using proprietary customised software Orapix which allows us to design braces according to your teeth.
Dr Viren Puri, Dr Gajanan Shanbhag and Dr. Rajesh Patil, the chief orthodontists of Braces and Smiles™, are industry veterans who have received specialized training abroad & bring with them years of experience in the field of orthodontics.